MTGConflux Cast #73

We’re back from the Holidays with our first* ever video episode! We check up on the Modern and Pioneer formats as well as cover a crop of Theros: Beyond Death spoilers.

FNM Series: Eldrazi Stompy

Eldrazi Stompy

Creatures (24)
Eldrazi Mimic
Eternal Scourge
Matter Reshaper
Endless One
Thought-Knot Seer
Reality Smasher
Simian Spirit Guide

Artifacts (9)
Serum Powder
Chalice of the Void
Smuggler’s Copter

Spells (4)
Lands (23)
Eldrazi Temple
Gemstone Caverns
Ghost Quarter
Blinkmoth Nexus
Sea Gate Wreckage
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Sideboard (15)
Relic of Progenitus
Ratchet Bomb
Pithing Needle
Grafdigger’s Cage
Spatial Contortion
Gut Shot
All Is Dust