MTGConflux Cast #61

WOTC has pushed out some huge changes to Pauper, and announced a new arena only format called Historic. We discuss these changes as well as the results of several large Modern events.

MTGConflux Cast #45

The group takes a quick look at GP Brussels and Orlando! Jon talks about his new deck choice for the PPTQ season moving forward.

Editor’s note: Thanks for the patience everyone! This belated episode was recorded August 13. This should put us back on track for a new episode this Friday! -Steven

MTGConflux Cast #21

We take a look at GP Lyon and SCG Indy before swinging over to the first batch of decklists MTGO has to offer from post-unbanning Modern. With loads of jank to sift through, the crew feels right at home!

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MTGConflux Cast #14

The group talks about the Challenger decks and updates to Vintage Cube! This will be our last cast of 2017 and we will rejoin you all in 2018! We wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year!