MTGConflux Cast #34

This closes out the 2-part episode where the group talks about naming effects and their roles in decks.

This episode was deleted previously due to technical difficulties.

MTGConflux Cast #37

SCGCON: A magical place where Vintage, No-Ban Modern and Legacy roam predictably while standard runs free.
The group takes a look at the exciting and fun (but predicable) events that took place at the first SCGCon (Standard however becomes the outlier).

MTGConflux Cast #36

This week we go over the somewhat disappointing Pro Tour results and cover our thoughts on which decks are worth playing in the upcoming Modern PPTQ season.

MTGConflux Cast #35

This week its a two man special with Chris and Jon. We take stock of the Modern meta with its PPTQ season fast approaching as well as recap the recent MTGO Uncommon cube.