MTGConflux Cast #21

We take a look at GP Lyon and SCG Indy before swinging over to the first batch of decklists MTGO has to offer from post-unbanning Modern. With loads of jank to sift through, the crew feels right at home!

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MTGConflux Cast #20

Special edition podcast! We’re all in the same room together for the first time since the start of our project! We also recorded video of this episode so you can watch the action unfold! Check out the Youtube video below.

This week we talk about the Banned and Restricted List updates; as well as a few points about GP Toronto.

Don’t forget for all you Sacramento locals, we will be at Great Escape this Friday (Feb 16) for Modern FNM starting at 6:30 p.m. if you’d like to come down and say hello! Alternatively you can come tell us how much we suck, whichever is fine. We’d also like to hear any feedback you have for us and suggestions for content!

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MTGConflux Cast #19

The group chats about Pro Tour Bilbao and the wide assortment of decks in the top 8!

Side note: stay tuned later this week for our exciting “live” episode (we might have a special guest)!

MTGConflux Cast #18

The group chats about SCG Con and the sweet formats that will be there. No-ban modern, pauper and vintage.

Thanks for listening!

Side-note: the whole MTGConflux crew will be at Great Escape Games on February 16 playing FNM, come join and say hello!